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Weld-to-Rebar Coupler



This coupler is produced in  two  types.firs type must be welded to the rebars (SWR) on one side and the second side is threaded , so the

threaded rebar
will be fasten on this side.the second type of coupler must be welded to the rebar on both side of coupler (SWW).Swr and

sww couplers are welded directly to the rebars and bear specified ultimate strength of rebar same as other SAHAND couplers.This coupler is

used in application in which rebars are shorter than the length is needed for lap splices also can be used instead of stl coupler comparing to

the stl coupler the price is very cheaper.SAHAND suggestion is using this coupler for rebars bigger than 25mm.For getting best result,

welding process of this coupler must be according to sahand welding instructions.It is a must to use professional
and certified  person to

weld the couplers.